Are AC Tune-Ups Worth It?

Scheduling yearly AC maintenance is worthwhile.

Maintenance keeps your air conditioner unit in Charleston operating at its top performance while keeping utility usage small. It also might even help prolong its life span.

While there are a couple jobs you can complete by yourself, you should call the Experts, like the ones at Pardee Service Experts, for AC examinations and upkeep.

Here are a couple steps you can do alone as you prepare for summer.

Get Your AC Service Set

Spring is a period of revival, and to many that involves a hefty amount of house, garage and yard freshening. With the hotter weather approaching, it’s also a good idea to put AC service on that checklist.

Spring is a great time to get your air conditioning system scrubbed and inspected. Delaying to flip it on until the first sweltering day of the summer can be risky. If you have to have a fix or replacement, you might be waiting days for a technician. And that could turn awfully unpleasant.

And for people with allergies, being one step ahead with a clean AC system will help ensure the best indoor air quality when it’s pollen season.

Also, air conditioning upkeep might be mandatory for your system’s manufacturer warranty or any applicable extended warranty.

Can I Finish Maintenance Myself?

There are methods that you can complete to help keep your cooling system in the prime condition:

  • Replace your air filter. Dirty filters restrict airflow and may reduce your unit’s efficiency. While replacement frequency depends on the kind you have, the U.S. Department of Energy advises each month or two. This is particularly crucial if you deal with allergies or have pets in your house.
  • Lawn upkeep by the exterior condenser. Ensure there’s not any grass, weeds or bushes close to your air conditioning system. We advise keeping 2–3 feet of open space. You should also get rid of any leaves or branches that have collected inside your system, since this could impede airflow.

Let the Professionals Manage the Rest

What’s left to do? If you call Pardee Service Experts at 843-410-6103, the initial thing we may do is compliment you for all the tasks you’ve already completed. Then we’ll start the nitty gritty. We’ll inspect your equipment and make sure it’s working properly with these steps:

  • Securing electrical connections to provide safe operation.
  • Greasing to keep moving parts working smoothly and potentially avoid problems.
  • Flushing the condensate drain line to eliminate leak-inducing mold and blockages.
  • Straightening coil fins to stay clear of decreased airflow.
  • Cleansing the outdoor coil to eliminate any buildup from soil and vegetation.
  • Inspecting controls to double check your unit is starting, running and turning off properly.
  • Checking the operating temperature parameters to make sure your system has the right refrigeration charge.

If we discover issues that need additional action, we are prepared to give you the most reasonable option. Locating potential problems early can solve larger issues later on. This also gives you time to save if your unit is getting older.

When you need an updated air conditioner, our Experts will partner with you to choose the ideal unit for your budget. We also offer financing to help make your new unit fit your budget. No matter what your AC needs are, you can have peace of mind knowing our Experts have you covered.

Prepared to request your service? Call us at 843-410-6103 or schedule an appointment online now.

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